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Fix Your Rainbow Pen - Troubleshooting Guide

There seems to be something wrong with my Rainbow Pen. What should I do?
Please click on link and carefully read Rainbow Pen's User Guide first: Click here to download
Next, follow the steps below and make sure all your answers to the following situations are "Yes." 

  • Have you downloaded the newest audio for your Rainbow Pen?
If not, please download audio from: http://www.e-rainbowtime.com.tw/rainbowpen
You will see that the file name includes ".GMP". This sort of file can not be directly opened through computer.
Only through our Rainbow Pen can these audios be put to use. Not compatible with other reading pens. 

  • Has your SD card been inserted properly?
If not, remove your SD card and try inserting it again. 

  • Have you tapped on the cover to activate before tapping on magazine/material content?
If not, please tap on the cover before trying again. 

  • Did you just finish using the master card? Have you logged out of music mode? 
If not, please tap on button at upper right corner of master card to log out. Reminder: tap on cover of magazine before usage. 

  • Are you using the original SD card we sent or a new SD card? 
If you're using a new SC card, please check its memory capacity (Our Rainbow Pen supports memory cards up to 32 GB). Remember to choose FAT32 for file system and 64KB for transfer size when formatting SD card. (If your transfer size is too small, it may result in the Rainbow Pen having mechanical noises and slow access to files.)

  • If none of the above seems to be the problem, connect your Rainbow Pen to computer and check the files on your SD card:
  1. Do not insert any files other than Rainbow Time audios (such as audios, documents or pictures from other reading pens) 
  2. Do not add other folders, change folder names, or add new folders in the three original ones. Only three folders should exist in SD card: BOOK/MUSIC/RECORD. Make sure all audio file names are capitalized. 
  3. Do not change audio file names. 
  4. Please make sure a file called "OPEN.GMP" is in the BOOK folder. That file is a must; do not delete it.
  5. Please check if there are audios with the same file name (E.G., OPEN.GMP and OPEN(1).GMP). If so, please delete the duplicated file. 
  • If all of the above has been checked thoroughly, you should be able to use your Rainbow Pen normally. If not, please contact us through our Facebook fan page or call 04-35005800 #332/321. We will arrange an appointment with you either way and assist you in solving your problems. You can also choose to fill in our online maintenance request form.  

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