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Q: What products does Rainbow Time have?
  • English Magazines: Can be used with Rainbow Pen. Scan QR code in magazine to access online MP3 audio.
  • Rainbow Pen: Compatible with all magazines (starting from 2017/07) and other materials.
  • Rainbow Phonics: Audiobook including the pronunciations of the entire alphabet. Practice vowel pronunciation and spelling through short songs and three audio modes.
  • Phonics+ Flash Cards - 92: Includes 92 basic English phonetic sounds. Play different spelling games using your Rainbow Pen (368 questions in total).
  • Rainbow Readers: Audiobooks graded based on phonetic rules. 6 books in each set, leading children to improve step by step and build confidence in reading.
  • Rainbow Tunes - My Musical Keyboard Book: Learn English by listening to songs! Songs about holidays and American summer camp, American folk songs, and Rainbow Time originals! 12 songs in total

Q: Does Rainbow Time have a physical store?
  • Rainbow Time doesn't own any physical stores. Our main sales channels are our online shop and Shopee.
  • Current issues may also be bought at: Eslite Bookstore, Kingstone Bookstore, Jin Yuh Tarng Stationery, Nobel Books, Caves Books, and other bookstores. Please ask the bookstore if the magazine is in stock beforehand.

Q: Do the magazines have different levels?
  • There are no different levels in Rainbow Time magazines. Our stories are suitable for most kindergarteners and elementary school students.

Q: What's the recommended age for Rainbow Time readers? My kid is ... years old. Can he/she understand?
  • The age of our magazine's target audience approximately ranges from 3 to 10 years old. We hope our magazines can help children who don't attend cram or bilingual schools set a foundation for English learning. Rainbow Time publishes "storybooks" that children enjoy, instead of another "textbook" forcing children to learn.
  • Our stories are about 200-250 words long. Children need to be familiar enough with the alphabet, simple words, and short sentences (3-5 words) to read, but there are no such limits when it comes to listening. The basics of learning a language start from listening. We strongly suggest parents that their kids listen to our online MP3 audios from childhood so as to train their sense of language and familiarity with English pronunciation.  
  • Countless English teachers recommend learning English by listening to CDs repeatedly, which emphasizes the importance of listening skills when it comes to language learning. Through Rainbow Time stories, English becomes close to life, no longer unfamiliar or intimidating. Older children, younger kids, even parents—everyone can find their very own method to learn and acquire knowledge. 

Here are our suggested methods based on age:

  • Children under 3: Your child might struggle a little at first if no one has been having English conversations with them in daily life. We suggest that parents start from one magazine and choose simple content your child might be interested in. Listen repeatedly to our MP3 audios for days or weeks until your child becomes familiar with the stories and stops rejecting English.
  • 3 - 5 years old (Can't read/write yet):  Start by listening to our online audios. Children can listen to them before bedtime or during playtime. Listening skills are the most essential part of training at this age. This stage is when children can gradually build their sense of language, become familiar with English, and even enjoy listening to English. Parents can read stories in Chinese and English to children as if they are reading a picture book. Using the Rainbow Pen to play vocabulary audios and sound effects enhances the fun of the process.
  • 6 - 8 years old (Recognizes the alphabet): At this stage, children's English levels may vary from merely understanding the alphabet to being capable of recognizing simple vocabulary words and sentences. Once again, we strongly emphasize the importance of continuous listening (online audios or using the Rainbow Pen) to maintain one's sense of language. Children can begin to practice reading sentences while listening to story audios or try to complete the activities in our magazines.
  • 9 years old or above: Maintain the habit of listening to story audios. Children are now able to read and complete quizzes on their own. They can also finish activities without parents' help.

Q: What's the difference between Rainbow Time and other language-learning magazines?
All monthly issues are newly created and recorded by qualified foreign teachers from America and Canada. Through all sorts of music, sound effects, and dubbing, we seek not only to teach children correct pronunciation and train their sense of language but also to intrigue them and make them interested in learning English. We also provide bilingual audios, in which teachers explain stories sentence by sentence in Chinese and English, along with vocabulary and grammar. If parents are anxious that their English might not be good enough to explain the stories, no worries. Just take out your phone and scan the QR code for online audios. You've got your very own tutor with you.

Our main content consists of creative English stories, about 200 to 250 words long. We take reference from life experiences of children from 3 to 10 years old, so our stories are closer to children's cognition and resonate with them easily. Our magazines adopt a picture book style, with colorful illustrations to attract readers. We write about diverse topics and create intriguing content for each monthly issue.
  • Various types of writing: Stories, essays, nursery rhymes, (adapted and recreated) fairy tales, poems, comics...etc.
  • Diverse themes: Fairy tales, mystery stories, common knowledge, science and nature, history and humanities, morality, cultures from different countries, Western and Eastern festivals... etc. 

Q: How should I read Rainbow Time with my children?
It is essential for parents to follow their children's learning pace patiently. Listening to stories during meals, completing activities with your kid...Shared reading makes learning English fun, and you may find your child anticipating new stories someday. Please call 04-35005800 #321 if you have any more questions. Professional teachers will make education evaluations for you based on your child's age and level.

Q: Where to download audio for Rainbow Pen

Q: Do we have to download a new audio for each monthly issue?
Yes. Each monthly issue contains brand-new content, so please download its matching audio.

Q: I already have a reading pen at home. Can I use it to read Rainbow Time?
Due to copyright reasons, products from different publishers are incompatible. Therefore, other reading pens are not able to access Rainbow Time magazines and materials.

Q: What's the difference between Rainbow Pen 2.0 and the Audio Stickers Set?
Besides the Rainbow Pen, the Audio Stickers Set includes a master card and audio stickers. One can use our audio stickers to record their voice, install MP3 audio, and create their own audiobook. As for the master card, it comes with recording and MP3 player functions. If you would like your child to practice recording and speaking English frequently, or you want to create your own audiobook, the Audio Stickers Set is perfect for you.
  • Rainbow Pen 2.0: One Rainbow Pen, one micro-SD card (8GB), one USB charging cable, one warranty card
  • Rainbow Pen 2.0 - The Audio Stickers Set: One Rainbow Pen, one micro-SD card (8GB), one USB charging cable, one warranty card, one master card, 1120 audio stickers
  • Audio Stickers Demo Video https://youtu.be/E6_vK-hcm1M
  • Master Card Demo Video https://youtu.be/1Fo4ObLJ8DM

Q: Does the Rainbow Pen have a warranty?
We provide a one-year warranty offered in Taiwan only (Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu)

Q: Other Rainbow Pen related questions
Please click link to check on Rainbow Pen related FAQs:  http://www.e-rainbowtime.com.tw/rainbowpen/penfaq.php

Q: There seems to be something wrong with my Rainbow Pen. What should I do?
Please click link below to access troubleshooting guide and read it carefully. Follow the steps mentioned to solve common problems.